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    2019年12月7日 更新至3.5.6

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    Here is a very high level and non-exhaustive list of new features added to QGroundControl in version 4.0. Not to mention the large number of bug fixes in this release and I'm sure we lost track on listing some new features which were added along the way!
    Note The format for Settings in QGC had to change in this release. Which means all QGC settings will be reset to defaults.

    • Settings
      • Language: Allow selection of language
      • ArduPilot
        • Mavlink: Configurable stream rate settings
    • Setup
      • Joystick
        • New joystick setup ui
        • Ability to configure held button to single or repeated action
      • ArduPilot
        • Motor Test
    • Plan
      • Create Plan from template with wizard like progression for completing full Plan.
      • Survey: Save commonly used settings as a Preset
      • Polygon editing
        • New editing tools ui
        • Support for tracing a polygon from map locations
      • ArduPilot
        • Support for GeoFence and Rally Points using latest firmwares and mavlink v2
    • Fly
      • Click to ROI support
      • Added support for connecting to ADSB SBS server. Adds support for ADSB data from USB SDR Dongle running 'dump1090 --net' for example.
      • Ability to turn on Heading to home, COG and Next Waypoint heading indicators in Compass.
      • Video
        • Add support for h.265 video streams
      • Vehicle type specific pre-flight checklists. Turn on from Settings.
    • Analyze
      • New Mavlink Inspector which includes charting support. Supported on all builds including Android and iOS.
    • General
      • Released Windows build are now 64 bit only
      • Log Replay: Ability to specify replay speed
      • ArduPilot
        • Improved support for chibios firmwares and ArduPilot bootloader with respect to flashing and auto-connect.
  • landcruiser90
    2020-11-05 22:21:48


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